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Tourist attractions & potential

An architectural heritage inherited from a varied past

Jewels of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Gray's architecture is, above all, a reflection of a prosperous commercial period that took place between the Gallo-Roman era and the Middle Ages, continuing up to the 19th Century.

A visit to the heritage town of Gray will introduce you to a large number of historic monuments that tell of its flourishing past.

In addition, there are many typical small villages to be discovered along the roads, including the 6 Small Character Villages in the Comtois that overlook the Monts de Gy and the Ognon and Saône Valleys.

Given its rich historic heritage, the Pays Graylois can boast of a number of museums, the best-known of which are: in Champlitte (Albert Demard departmental museum, the Vine and Press museum, Museum of Art and Techniques) and Gray (Baron Martin museum and National Esperanto museum).

Château de Champlitte
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Château de Champlitte

Gray Town Hall
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Gray Town Hall

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An ideal area for family outdoor sports !

Sports and leisure activities on the water, on the plain and in the hills

The region contains a number of remarkable protected areas suitable for outings, walks and rides.

The Monts de Gy and the Champlitte meadows are home to an animal and plant life typical of dry and even Mediterranean environments. You will see striped hoopoes, green lizards, a wide variety of orchids, etc.

But you can also try a wide range of water sports and river activities in the Pays Graylois.

In the Southern part of the region, the Ognon is ideal for canoeing. The Pesmes and Marnay water sports centres offer lessons for beginners and equipment for hire.

The Ognon is also a paradise for fishermen, with trout, char, pike, tench, perch, eels, barbel, etc, all ready to bite on the hook.

The peaceful, romantic Saône, lined with greenery, is generally explored on a river cruiser.

Or why not explore further inland, on foot, horseback, bike or gipsy caravan !

Lock on the Saône
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Canoeing at  Marnay
cliquez pour agrandir l'image Canoeing at Marnay

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A whole range of local products, sweet and savoury !

Cheese, wine, charcuterie, honey... : great for the taste buds!

Food and wine lovers will delight in what the Pays Graylois has to offer.

Begin your exploration with a tasting of the local vins de pays, white, red or rosé, which you can buy direct from the winemaker.

Then you can visit the region's farms and producers to buy snails, poultry and charcuterie.

A large number of cheeses are made in the region: the famous "cancoillotte" and cheeses made with goats' or cows' milk.

If you have a sweet tooth, why not try some of the honey-based products, natural fruit juices or home-made desserts.

Regional products
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La Pochouse
cliquez pour agrandir l'image La Pochouse

To find out more?

You'll find all the addresses in the Pays Graylois tourist guide.

Available at the Tourist Offices in Gray, Champlitte, Dampierre-sur-Salon, Pesmes, Marnay and Gy.

Source : Pays Graylois sustainable development charter - Cabinet IAD - Feb 2003

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