Le Pays Graylois
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Le Pays Graylois
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Services to the elderly and new-born children have developed satisfactorily.

In terms of transport, some rural communes do not have a service despite a relatively high number of schools.

There are a number of initiatives to increase access to NICT, particularly for school pupils. However, there are certain inequalities with regard to access to products and services.

The communes in the North and East of the region are the least well served.

The Gray conurbation does not act as a centre for the entire region as :

  • it is situated on the margins of the region,

  • it is of limited size,

  • it has inadequate facilities, particularly sporting and cultural,

  •  it has to cover a wide area.

The training offer needs to be developed, particularly skills training.

The Pays Graylois thus finds itself pulled between Vesoul and Besançon, whose attraction is growing, on the one hand, and Dijon on the other, mainly for its shops.

Source : Pays Graylois sustainable development charter - Cabinet IAD - Feb 2003

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